The Healing Power of Our Alabaster Candle Holders

Revealing the light in the stone and making its healing, meditational and peaceful qualities available is one of our great joys in carving this Alabaster.  When lit in a darkened room, gazed upon and visually absorbed with a clear intention, these elegant and luminous carvings will heal body, mind and soul.  We may not yet have the science (or we may) to detect what exactly about the experience of these luminous Alabaster handcarved bowls is life changing but we can certainly feel the effects of the deep relaxation and comfort that emanates from them.  Because of its softness and the shapes we are able to achieve and because of its translucency, Alabaster is the only material on the planet that can afford you this experience in this way!

Alabaster, light and human beings goes back thousands of years.  If it could be said that each material thing has a purpose, then the purpose of Alabaster is healing with light and beauty.  If I had a Star Trek vibration detector it would tell me that the frequencies Alabaster resonates are those which relax the nervous system, calm the mind and comfort the heart.  Who doesn’t want that!

It was years ago, when we began carving, them that I first realized the power of our Alabaster candleholders.  It was late at night, the house was dark, the kids and my husband were asleep and I was sitting on the couch in the living room – depressed.  I lit the candleholder that was sitting next to me on the side table.  I will always remember feeling that a sacred and soul soothing presence had entered the room.  It was then I understood that these handcarved Alabaster candleholders, which I am honored to carve, are sacred objects and instruments of healing.

I encourage and invite you to choose one of these gorgeous pieces for yourself, a beloved or dear friend as an anniversary, wedding, birthday or just for love gift.  Their beauty and grace will forever illumine your lives!