The Exquisite Appeal of Alabaster Art Pieces

Unique Alabaster Art

Alabaster is one of the most popular stones used in sculpture for thousands of years and still remains a favorite material used in modern day carvings. The unique color of this calcium stone makes it a favorite medium in carving unique decorative pieces and ornaments in structures. Egyptian Alabaster being the most widely known, this stone was most commonly used in ancient times for perfume and oil bottles. Artifacts made of Alabaster are also found in museums; with items dating back as early as the time of Sumerians, Babylonians as well as Assyrians. Romans also used Alabaster to carve decorative art pieces.It was also a popular windowpane material in monasteries during the 6th to 13th century.  There is a famous chapel today at Yale University for instance which uses the luminosity of Alabaster to line its windows.

Alabaster is the term given by artists for the finer grained Gypsum. Its ease of carving gives more artistic freedom to artisans in creating valuable pieces that exquisite possibilities of Alabaster craftsmanship are able to achieve.

Medium sized alabaster stone bowl from the San Pedro river

The translucent feature of this stone provides delight and fascination especially when carved into candle holders or decorative bowls, allowing a mesmerizing glow once a candle is lit inside these pieces. No wonder this stone was widely used in history as decorative light fixtures, exalting elegance and royalty. Famous for being the material used in the three lotus oil lamp found in Tomb of Tutankhamen and material used in Seti I’s sarcophagus, it is without a doubt that Alabaster stone has been regarded as one of the most precious and preferred materials in artwork since the Ancient times.

Every Alabaster stone has its unique shape and appeal which sometimes “dictates” the artistic outcome of the process of carving. Fused with its carver’s craftsmanship, every Alabaster carving emerges as an entirely one-of-a-kind creation.

Alabaster decorative items are popular 37th anniversary gifts. Since Alabaster is the 37th Anniversary material, an impressive milestone in marriage, it perfectly corresponds to the characteristics of the unique stone – illuminating and carved by time to perfection.

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A lapidary journal candle lamp

Perfect Alabaster Gifts

The enchanting appeal of Alabaster when it is curved into illuminated bowls is a must-have for every art lover. These Alabaster bowls are also the perfect anniversary gift for a couple reaching an incredible milestone in their life. For a wide variety of alabaster candle holders and light bowls, visit Carved American Alabaster online gallery.