Artists in Residence at the Grand Canyon

Beauty of Alabaster Carvings

Since the birth of our art form we’ve been involved with carving the desert landscape, the bones of the Earth where they stick out. It’s always been a dream to carve ‘in situ’. Has anyone ever heard of ‘plein air carving’? It’s been a long, long, long, time dream to carve other points on the Canyon and to do Yaki Point again! The Canyon’s spaciousness would enter us and our work and would then be shared with the world.

Four foot wide desert scene sculpture made from rare gems, minerals, fossils, and hand gathered Alabaster.

Being artists in residence at the Canyon would give our art form the opportunity to be seen and enjoyed by visitors from all over the planet. It would give us the opportunity to turn those people on to the beauty, wonder and abundance of Alabaster all over the Earth, it’s potential as an underused material that can help create work, jobs, industry and beauty.

Being at the Canyon for 3 weeks! Being able to pursue our form in the place it resides! Carving these landforms in their presence would be sensational, seminal and probably birth something brand new.

3 weeks on the Grand Canyon! Just what the doctor ordered! A prescription for spaciousness, peace, inspiration, exhilaration not only for us but also for the people who enjoy our creations and process!

Inspiring Alabaster Carvings

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