About Alabaster

What is Alabaster Stone?

Alabaster-stone is part of the geology of this planet.  It’s about the history of water on this planet because it’s the evaporite of the old inland seas.  I call it ‘petrified water’ because it has the qualities of water – it’s soft, translucent, flowing.  Color is the result of minerals leaching down into the evaporite.

Pink Face with Rose Quartz Eyes Alabaster Carving

We humans have always used the materials of the Earth with the creative process. Alabaster is the stone that can be carved with another stone, securing its history as an ancient human material.  Our lives and art are based on our connection to and love of the Earth.  “Illumined Earth” is what our carving is about!

Inspired by this ancient water evaporite, a common stone and part of the geology of our planet, we preserve and elevate the beauty of the Alabaster by working this material with our hands just as ancient, indigenous peoples have done for thousands of years.

Alabaster Stone Art

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