Contemporary Climate Issues and Alabaster Carving

The Environment and Alabaster Carving

Our ‘contemporary issue’, which encompasses environmentalism, conservation, climate change, land use rights, water issues, is people’s lack of connection with and responsibility for our Mother Earth. Taking care of and conserving our environment is what Paul and I do!  We gather our own rare colored and translucent Alabasters all over the Southwest and transform each precious piece into a vessel of beauty! We honor, preserve and elevate this stone from disintegration in a cliff face or from being crushed for industrial uses. We bring the beauty, bounty and healing powers of our Earth directly to you through our creations.

Datura Flowers in a vase

Our Earth Art inspires. It touches hearts and reminds us of our true origins and responsibilities.

We are so fortunate to be artists, to be self-directed adults, to make beauty and to bask in the beauty all around us.  We encourage everyone to do their own work, to follow their own dreams, to listen to themselves, to have trust in their own heart’s vision. As self-supporting stone carving artists for 36 years we inspire and encourage people to follow their own hearts.  This could only lead to the highest good for all, including our mothership.

Gorgeous Pieces of Alabaster Carvings

Enjoy our website and choose one of these gorgeous pieces of Earth Art to bring soothing grace to your home and heart. You may also call 928-567-2281 for more information.