Looking for Tongue Rolls?

About Hand Carved Alabaster Candle Holders

When a brand new thing is invented it’s hard to find name for it that totally resonates with what it is so that when people run across that name they will have an understanding of what it is and what it can do for them in their lives.  Our Hand Carved Alabaster Candle Holders are just such a pioneer art pieces.  They are original and elegant, carry the integrity of the Earth and the fusion of human hand and heart. They filter light through stone.  They will light your life, soothe your soul and bring beauty to your home.  We know the exact right key is out there that will help people find our site more easily and therefore bring them to the place they want to be but don’t know it.  If you’re one of those who possesses a gut sense of how to call people to our site and are reading this blog we would appreciate any insight you might be willing to share with us.

Here are some of the problems, as I understand them, from our web director (our son) and our SEO (a really nice guy):

#1 Few have ever heard of Alabaster Candlelamp Holders, and although people who are looking for original, handmade, elegant gifts would love these pieces they

#2 don’t Google “Alabaster Candlelamp Holders.

#3 Alabaster is so unfamiliar in this country, unlike glass, wood, fiber, metal and clay etc., few people think about this rare and elegant material.

#4 “You’ve gotta touch them to see them!”  So tactile, soft, smooth and satisfying not just to the eyes but also to hold, if you did actually hold one in your hand you’d buy it immediately because you’d understand it to be luminous Earth revealed and you would know that it would be one of few prime possessions in your life! I always have people coming up to my booth to tell me that the Alabaster Candle Holder they purchased years before is their very favorite piece.

Alabaster Candle Holder

Where to Find Alabaster Candle Lamps

For years I called these one-of-a-kind luminous bowls Alabaster Candle Lamps until we discovered that NO ONE Googles Candle Lamps!  They Google Candle Holders so we changed the name but, for me, it’s still not satisfying because it just doesn’t describe the elevated and luminous beauty of these piece.  What do you think of Luminous Bowls?  Doesn’t quite roll of the tongue does it?  Do you have any tongue rolling suggestions so that many more people can benefit from finding our Candle Holders site?