Rare Orange Alabaster Candlelamp


No longer does anyone have access to gather this rarest of colored Alabasters.  Found in the wilds of Utah, way way out barely visible twisting dirt paths, the horizontal veins that doodle themselves into high vertical clifffaces are already close to impossible to coax out of the rock.  And now we can’t even get there without risking arrest.  Call it the “good ole’ boy” system at work.

I carved this piece from the second to the last piece of this precious Orange Flamed Alabaster that is this thick.  Whoever chooses this is a wise one.

I carved the Eternal Light that hangs over the ark in the synagogue in Sedona from this rare Orange.  Lit, it looks like flame.

It’s 5″ H x 5″ W x 4+1/2″ D.

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