Candle Holders

Welcome to the tranquility and warmth of our Alabaster candleholders. They are soothing to the touch and calming to the eyes. If you enjoy the glow of a salt lamp or the centering experience of a singing bowl you will find a similar connection which begins once a tea light is lit inside the Alabaster candleholder. It is then that a story of peace is told.

Alabaster is the “Queen of Stones” and has been beloved for thousands of years by hundreds of cultures all around the world. Invite an Alabaster Candle Holder into your life and feel your spirit illuminate.

These elegant hand carved candle holders cast the perfect light for dinner, bedroom or bath and make a unique gift for someone very special including yourself. Ideal for any wedding, anniversary or special gift, since Alabaster is the 37th Wedding Anniversary Stone they are especially suitable.

We individually carve these translucent candle holders from raw nodules of White Alabaster which we gather by hand from the Arivaipa Canyon area of Arizona’s San Pedro River Valley.

A deep and quiet presence enters when these Alabaster Candle Holders illuminate a darkened room.

The evaporite of the ancient inland seas, it is part of the geology of our planet. We call it “petrified water” because it shares the fluid, soft and translucent quality of water.

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