What exactly is Alabaster?

Alabaster is calcium sulfate.  It’s geologic name is gypsum.  Alabaster is the artists’ name for a high quality, fine grained and carveable gypsum which takes a high polish.

Where is Alabaster found?

Alabaster is part of the geology of the planet.  It’s the evaporite of the old inland seas that once covered the Earth.  I think of Alabaster as “petrified water” because it shares the soft, fluid, translucent qualities of water.

Hand gathering rare colored and translucent Alabasters in eight states and eleven different deposits all over the Southwest U.S. we’ve found Alabasters that look like agate reds, marbled black and white stripes, deep purples, lavendars and pinks and jasper orange sky stone.  Twenty-seven years ago in Arizona we found the White Alabaster deposit that has yielded our gorgeous handcarved Alabaster candle holders.  This stone is exactly akin to the famous Italian Alabaster in Volterra, Tuscany.  Tucson-Tuscany.  Interesting, huh?

How delicate is the stone?  If I drop my Candle Holder, will it break?

Alabaster carvings that are 3,000 years old can be found in Egyptian and Chinese museums.  Treat your piece like a fine piece of furniture or glass and your heirloom will be loved for many generations to come.  

What kind of candles should I use?

We recommend and sell beeswax votive candles because beeswax burns three times brighter and is not polluting like parafin which is derived from fossil fuels.  

Does my Candle Holder have a warranty?

We guarantee our pieces for life if something happens due to faulty materials or workmanship. 

Can I burn the stone?

If a flame comes too close to the side of the stone it can turn it opaque and therefore loose it’s translucency.  We therefore caution people to keep the flame in the exact center of the candle holder’s opening.

Can I leave my Candle Holder outside?

You can take your piece outside but don’t leave it out there.  Alabaster is porous and will degrade if left outside for too long.  Left outside the finish might come off in a very short time.  

Why do these Rare Earth Art Candle Holders cost more than other candle holders?

We hand gather and hand carve each piece.  These pieces are not produced in a factory neither are they jigged up on a lathe.  If they were they’d be perfectly round.  Each of our hand carved Alabaster candle holders is made totally individually with the intention of bringing out the optimal shape and beauty of each stone which, from start to finish, is always in our hands.

Where can I see more of Susan & Paul’s artwork?

To enjoy our entire art form I invite you peruse our larger website alabaster.net

How is my Candle Holder shipped?

We ship and insure your piece via UPS.  

Do you ship internationally?

We have shipped internationally only once. However, rest assured, wherever you are we will ship to you!!!!!