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Looking for Tongue Rolls?

About Hand Carved Alabaster Candle Holders

When a brand new thing is invented it’s hard to find name for it that totally resonates with what it is so that when people run across that name they will have an understanding of what it is and what it can do for them in their lives.  Our Hand Carved Alabaster Candle Holders are just such a pioneer art pieces.  They are original and elegant, carry the integrity of the Earth and the fusion of human hand and heart. They filter light through stone.  They will light your life, soothe your soul and bring beauty to your home.  We know the exact right key is out there that will help people find our site more easily and therefore bring them to the place they want to be but don’t know it.  If you’re one of those who possesses a gut sense of how to call people to our site and are reading this blog we would appreciate any insight you might be willing to share with us.

Here are some of the problems, as I understand them, from our web director (our son) and our SEO (a really nice guy):

#1 Few have ever heard of Alabaster Candlelamp Holders, and although people who are looking for original, handmade, elegant gifts would love these pieces they

#2 don’t Google “Alabaster Candlelamp Holders.

#3 Alabaster is so unfamiliar in this country, unlike glass, wood, fiber, metal and clay etc., few people think about this rare and elegant material.

#4 “You’ve gotta touch them to see them!”  So tactile, soft, smooth and satisfying not just to the eyes but also to hold, if you did actually hold one in your hand you’d buy it immediately because you’d understand it to be luminous Earth revealed and you would know that it would be one of few prime possessions in your life! I always have people coming up to my booth to tell me that the Alabaster Candle Holder they purchased years before is their very favorite piece.

Alabaster Candle Holder

Where to Find Alabaster Candle Lamps

For years I called these one-of-a-kind luminous bowls Alabaster Candle Lamps until we discovered that NO ONE Googles Candle Lamps!  They Google Candle Holders so we changed the name but, for me, it’s still not satisfying because it just doesn’t describe the elevated and luminous beauty of these piece.  What do you think of Luminous Bowls?  Doesn’t quite roll of the tongue does it?  Do you have any tongue rolling suggestions so that many more people can benefit from finding our Candle Holders site?


Light Filtered Through Stone | Alabaster Art Candle Holders

If you seek authentic work, extravagant beauty and love natural materials these majestic
Alabaster Luminaria Bowls will grace your life.

Stunning accents complimenting any décor, the neutral earth tones present in each bowl are ideal for creating a focal point in a room when centered on a table or beautiful natural stone or wood countertop. Lit at night these hand carved Alabaster bowls transcend their form and become ‘Divine Illumined Beings’, emanating a powerful and peaceful presence.

[vimeo 81035115]

Like celestial beings, they carry messages that speak to us about our most profound questions. They speak of beauty, majesty and might. There is only one source for these magnificent Alabaster bowls. Paul Hawkins and Susan Zalkind spend their lives dedicated to revealing the beauty of each stone that they personally gather throughout the Southwest.

Alabaster Luminary Bowl in Patron's Home

Lapidary Journal Candle Holder

Candle Holder on Dining Room Table
If You’re Looking for the Perfect Gift, Look No Further…You’ve Found It!


Our elegant hand carved candle holders cast the perfect light for dinner, bedroom or bath and make a unique gift for someone very special including yourself.

Ideal for any wedding, anniversary or special gift, since Alabaster is the 37th Wedding Anniversary Stone they are especially suitable.

Invite an Alabaster Candle Holder into your life and feel your spirit illuminate.

If you enjoy the glow of a salt lamp or the centering experience of a singing bowl you will find a similar connection which begins once a tea light is lit inside the Alabaster candleholder. It is then that a story of peace is told.

A deep and quiet presence enters when these Alabaster Candle Holders illuminate a darkened room.

We individually carve these translucent candle holders from raw nodules of White Alabaster which we gather by hand from the Arivaipa Canyon area of Arizona’s San Pedro River Valley.


Small Sized Alabaster Luminaries

Medium Sized Alabaster Luminaries

Large Sized Alabaster Luminaries

Honoring the Earth in the Native American Tradition

Love of Earth’s Alabaster

For 36 years the Southwest Desert, the bones of the Earth, has inspired our work.  We have devoted our artistic lives to honoring this Earth and its beauty and to the creative process which expresses itself through our passion for and love of our chosen material, Alabaster.

This “Queen of Stones” inspires us to reveal its hidden beauty, its translucency, color and myriad patterns laid down by Earth’s mineral and geologic changes.  This love of Earth and its beauty is passed on when someone opens their hearts and falls in love with one of the pieces we’ve carved.

Desert Stripe Alabaster River Rock Container Sculpture

The connection to Earth is passed on when those participating in our workshops connect with their own sense of inner mastery as they carve their Alabaster and open a communication between their hearts and the heart of the stone.  As we tell all who carve, our Native Americans call stone their grandmothers and grandfathers because they were here long before us and are what we are made of.  We will return to the Earth and become the stone that our future generations will carve.

So carve with love and gratitude for the stone will hold the memory of your energy and intention!

Finding Master Pieces of Alabaster Carvings

If you are interested to find the world’s master pieces of Alabaster Carvings, visit or call 928-567-2281 for more information.

Contemporary Climate Issues and Alabaster Carving

The Environment and Alabaster Carving

Our ‘contemporary issue’, which encompasses environmentalism, conservation, climate change, land use rights, water issues, is people’s lack of connection with and responsibility for our Mother Earth. Taking care of and conserving our environment is what Paul and I do!  We gather our own rare colored and translucent Alabasters all over the Southwest and transform each precious piece into a vessel of beauty! We honor, preserve and elevate this stone from disintegration in a cliff face or from being crushed for industrial uses. We bring the beauty, bounty and healing powers of our Earth directly to you through our creations.

Datura Flowers in a vase

Our Earth Art inspires. It touches hearts and reminds us of our true origins and responsibilities.

We are so fortunate to be artists, to be self-directed adults, to make beauty and to bask in the beauty all around us.  We encourage everyone to do their own work, to follow their own dreams, to listen to themselves, to have trust in their own heart’s vision. As self-supporting stone carving artists for 36 years we inspire and encourage people to follow their own hearts.  This could only lead to the highest good for all, including our mothership.

Gorgeous Pieces of Alabaster Carvings

Enjoy our website and choose one of these gorgeous pieces of Earth Art to bring soothing grace to your home and heart. You may also call 928-567-2281 for more information.

The Seashore in Stone – A Summer Bowl

Alabaster is the only material on the planet that can be carved, formed, created into any shape you can imagine!  Carving Alabaster is actually more akin to carving wood than stone especially with the tools that my husband developed that had never been used on this stone before, now Alabaster carving can be learned by anyone of any age with the desire.

This gorgeous and luminous bowl, for instance,  was carved from White and Popsicle Orange Alabasters and was inlaid with scallop shells from the South Pacific. It looks like it’s undulating at the bottom of the sea in the ocean current next to anemones, sea urchins and colorful fishies!!!!  It’s that alive.

An intriguing, elegant and totally unique sculpture that will  perfect as a centerpiece in your livingroom or sitting by the window overlooking the ocean, both sunlight pouring into it and candlelight illuminating it from its belly at night will add soft light and fascination to your home.

Imagine the seashore in stone!

Imagine the seashore in stone!

The Healing Power of Our Alabaster Candle Holders

Revealing the light in the stone and making its healing, meditational and peaceful qualities available is one of our great joys in carving this Alabaster.  When lit in a darkened room, gazed upon and visually absorbed with a clear intention, these elegant and luminous carvings will heal body, mind and soul.  We may not yet have the science (or we may) to detect what exactly about the experience of these luminous Alabaster handcarved bowls is life changing but we can certainly feel the effects of the deep relaxation and comfort that emanates from them.  Because of its softness and the shapes we are able to achieve and because of its translucency, Alabaster is the only material on the planet that can afford you this experience in this way!

Alabaster, light and human beings goes back thousands of years.  If it could be said that each material thing has a purpose, then the purpose of Alabaster is healing with light and beauty.  If I had a Star Trek vibration detector it would tell me that the frequencies Alabaster resonates are those which relax the nervous system, calm the mind and comfort the heart.  Who doesn’t want that! Continue Reading →

Artists in Residence at the Grand Canyon

Beauty of Alabaster Carvings

Since the birth of our art form we’ve been involved with carving the desert landscape, the bones of the Earth where they stick out. It’s always been a dream to carve ‘in situ’. Has anyone ever heard of ‘plein air carving’? It’s been a long, long, long, time dream to carve other points on the Canyon and to do Yaki Point again! The Canyon’s spaciousness would enter us and our work and would then be shared with the world.

Four foot wide desert scene sculpture made from rare gems, minerals, fossils, and hand gathered Alabaster.

Being artists in residence at the Canyon would give our art form the opportunity to be seen and enjoyed by visitors from all over the planet. It would give us the opportunity to turn those people on to the beauty, wonder and abundance of Alabaster all over the Earth, it’s potential as an underused material that can help create work, jobs, industry and beauty.

Being at the Canyon for 3 weeks! Being able to pursue our form in the place it resides! Carving these landforms in their presence would be sensational, seminal and probably birth something brand new.

3 weeks on the Grand Canyon! Just what the doctor ordered! A prescription for spaciousness, peace, inspiration, exhilaration not only for us but also for the people who enjoy our creations and process!

Inspiring Alabaster Carvings

To know more about Alabaster Carvings, visit or call 928-567-2281 for more information.

About Alabaster

What is Alabaster Stone?

Alabaster-stone is part of the geology of this planet.  It’s about the history of water on this planet because it’s the evaporite of the old inland seas.  I call it ‘petrified water’ because it has the qualities of water – it’s soft, translucent, flowing.  Color is the result of minerals leaching down into the evaporite.

Pink Face with Rose Quartz Eyes Alabaster Carving

We humans have always used the materials of the Earth with the creative process. Alabaster is the stone that can be carved with another stone, securing its history as an ancient human material.  Our lives and art are based on our connection to and love of the Earth.  “Illumined Earth” is what our carving is about!

Inspired by this ancient water evaporite, a common stone and part of the geology of our planet, we preserve and elevate the beauty of the Alabaster by working this material with our hands just as ancient, indigenous peoples have done for thousands of years.

Alabaster Stone Art

To know more about Alabaster Stone Art, visit or call 928-567-2281 for more information.

The Exquisite Appeal of Alabaster Art Pieces

Unique Alabaster Art

Alabaster is one of the most popular stones used in sculpture for thousands of years and still remains a favorite material used in modern day carvings. The unique color of this calcium stone makes it a favorite medium in carving unique decorative pieces and ornaments in structures. Egyptian Alabaster being the most widely known, this stone was most commonly used in ancient times for perfume and oil bottles. Artifacts made of Alabaster are also found in museums; with items dating back as early as the time of Sumerians, Babylonians as well as Assyrians. Romans also used Alabaster to carve decorative art pieces.It was also a popular windowpane material in monasteries during the 6th to 13th century.  There is a famous chapel today at Yale University for instance which uses the luminosity of Alabaster to line its windows.

Alabaster is the term given by artists for the finer grained Gypsum. Its ease of carving gives more artistic freedom to artisans in creating valuable pieces that exquisite possibilities of Alabaster craftsmanship are able to achieve.

Medium sized alabaster stone bowl from the San Pedro river

The translucent feature of this stone provides delight and fascination especially when carved into candle holders or decorative bowls, allowing a mesmerizing glow once a candle is lit inside these pieces. No wonder this stone was widely used in history as decorative light fixtures, exalting elegance and royalty. Famous for being the material used in the three lotus oil lamp found in Tomb of Tutankhamen and material used in Seti I’s sarcophagus, it is without a doubt that Alabaster stone has been regarded as one of the most precious and preferred materials in artwork since the Ancient times.

Every Alabaster stone has its unique shape and appeal which sometimes “dictates” the artistic outcome of the process of carving. Fused with its carver’s craftsmanship, every Alabaster carving emerges as an entirely one-of-a-kind creation.

Alabaster decorative items are popular 37th anniversary gifts. Since Alabaster is the 37th Anniversary material, an impressive milestone in marriage, it perfectly corresponds to the characteristics of the unique stone – illuminating and carved by time to perfection.

Carved American Alabasters is an online art store and gallery wherein you can find a variety of intricate and exquisite Alabaster carvings and decorative pieces. Their selections of unique hand carved Alabaster bowls are described as “like celestial beings” due to their magnificence and beauty. Formed through the impressive craftsmanship of Paul Hawkins and Susan Zalkind, the variety of these rare, authentic and remarkable bowls are evidence of excellent carving skills and undisputed hard work for the past four decades. Radiating soft glow of gentle light, these Alabaster bowls come in variety of sizes and shapes and provide a distinct character of mysticism and magnificence to its viewers.

A lapidary journal candle lamp

Perfect Alabaster Gifts

The enchanting appeal of Alabaster when it is curved into illuminated bowls is a must-have for every art lover. These Alabaster bowls are also the perfect anniversary gift for a couple reaching an incredible milestone in their life. For a wide variety of alabaster candle holders and light bowls, visit Carved American Alabaster online gallery.

Transformation Process Of Alabaster Stone

Alabaster Stone

Turning an Alabaster stone into a unique work of art does not happen in an instant. From the time of gathering the material going to the craftsman’s studio, there are many processes the raw material has to go through.

Taking the “bark” off the raw stone in order to carve a window into the interior of the piece comes first.  The piece reveals what it might like to become, a bowl, a container, a flower, a face by its shape and size.  Saws are occasionally used along with a variety of abrasive sanding tools to shape the Alabaster until the final hand sanding process is arrived at.

Once the piece is close to a finish other treatments are done to enhance the features of the stone. Waxing is done to give the stone a brighter appeal. Protective treatments such as application of paraffin or whale oil or Vaseline are done as well. Application of colorless varnish is also common in order to give more protection to the stone.

Lavendar-Mauve Alabaster Rose

Alabaster Stones Designs

There are highly intricate designs produced in pieces of alabaster stones. Some of which are the beautiful Roses and Flower alabaster carvings found in the gallery of Carved American Alabasters. Roses are the most popular of these creations, pieces that radiate the softness and intricacy of real ones. Requiring impressive craftsmanship, the Alabaster stones are turned into soft and illuminating pieces, creating an illusion to its viewers that they are looking at real flowers. For more information about these intricate pieces, visit their website at